Biografia professionale

Monia Caramma has been involved with ancient grains and food interactions for about 20 years, and her career is a testament to the benefits of embracing food as central to our lives and well-being. The day that a health problem forced her to change her eating habits – avoiding all of the additives that are usually found in the ingredient lists of industrial foods – was the day she began a new personal journey, devoted to deepening her knowledge of cultivation techniques. The purpose was to understand the importance of seed origins and their natural reproduction. And it was about focusing on the real properties of food and its processing. Ultimately, the journey led Monia to rediscover ancient grains and then inspired her to create a line of pasta – produced under Bontasana brand – according to the principles of economic and ethical fairness. The project is continuously evolving and aims to create products that can deliver real benefits, beyond those of simple plant-based and gluten-free foods.

Monia Caramma is among the 100 italian most leading women selected by Forbes for 2021.

Since 2018, Monia is the European Subject Matter expert of Sorghum-ID, the EU Parliament-sponsored company devoted to the development of sorghum cultivation and consumption as a replacement for yellow corn and soy, for the production of sorghum pasta.

Monia is also a sought-after speaker and trainer on functional nutrition and the world of ancient grains. In 2018 her speech won the Let’s Emerge Award in the Italian edition of Seed & Chips Awards. Her articles have also been published in the Journal of food and nutritional disorders.

Sorghum, white corn, with corn plus turmeric and pepper, white corn plus spirulina pasta has been used in a controlled scientific study at the Hospital Policlinico San Marco, Zingonia, Italy.


  • 1st Nebraska National Sorghum Congress “Sorgum and its application on healthy food innovation”
  • Custonaci (TP), Medical ECM Congress “Nutrition, environment and lifestyle: scientific discussion on the interactive triad underlying personalized medicine”.
  • Various webinars and seminars on food nichel content, water properties (on chemical side view), istamine reaction and food processing.
  • Milazzo (ME), Medical ECM Congress, “Prevention is care”
  • Rimini, “Taking care of yourself”, Plenary congress of GIFT and “medicina di segnale”.


  • Forbes Italian raking 100 italian most leading women
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  • Monia Caramma “Ancient and modern grains, knowing the variety of flour you eat can save your life” Mind editor, (book and e-book in Italian)


  • Invitation at Conference 16th ICC Cereal and bread Congress, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Teaching at a course accredited to the Italian Ministry of Health for Pharmacists at Capri, Italy


  • Speech at Plenary French session Sorghum ID, Paris, France, “New application for Sorghum: pasta and backery
  • Publication on YellowSquash India “Gut Nutrition for a healthy you” “Improve digestion naturally
  • Publication on Professional Pasta UK “Sorghum pasta, a good and healthy trend”
  • Invitation at 2nd European Food Chemistry & Nutrition Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Invitation at Food Chemistry 2019 Conference, Philadelphia, USA 
  • Teaching at Tra terra e cielo, Tarquinia, Italy, “Functional foods and healthy lifestyle
  • Teaching at a course accredited to the Italian Ministry of Health for Pharmacists at Saturnia, Italy, “Functional nutrition and prevention of obesity, colon and breast cancer and other diseases
  • Speech at Forbes Italia, national meeting on sustainability, Florence


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  • Conference at Gruppo Anima, Milan, Italy, “Ancient and modern cereals: how they affect our health


  • Coloumn at Radio Veg-it, Italy, ancient cereals and health advice